Let’s Play!

Our space has been thoughtfully designed and is divided into five main rooms:

Creative Area

Area for kids to let their imaginations run wild with Legos, trains, a kitchen and a doll house.

Swinging and Climbing Room

A fun filled room with more than 6 different types of swings ,a climbing structure, infant area and a ball pit.

Art and fine motor Room

This room abounds with puzzles, painting and chalkboard easel, playdough and reading nook.

Jumping Room

A high-energy room with our inflatable jumpy house with a slide.

Sensory Room

A quiet room to practice mindfulness with a bubbles tube, lighted cubes, body socks and fidget toys.

Recommended ages are 6 months to 8 years.

Important Note: Grippy, Trampoline grade socks are required to play safely ( We proudly partner with Ashbury Images https://www.ashburyimages.org/for our socks )