Our Mission

At Swings and Wings, our mission is to provide a safe environment for children to have fun, learn and grow through exploratory play.  Our core values include:

  1.  Safety- Keeping our children safe while they play

  2.  Cleanliness- Keeping our facility clean at all times, using non-toxic, green products that are safe for us and the earth

  3.  Inclusiveness- Ensuring that no child is left behind

  4.  Excellent customer service- Ensuring that we do everything possible to make our customers happy

  5. Sustainability- Caring for our planet by using green, non toxic products. Recycling and composting versus using the trash bin

  6. Community Building- Creating an empathetic community that cares for each other

At Swings and Wings, we have harnessed our knowledge and expertise in child development to carefully select toys and activities that help facilitate each child’s well- rounded development.  We strongly encourage child-directed play. We believe that engaging in such joyful play helps each child achieve their maximum growth potential.

At Swing and Wings, we encourage each child to find their wings and soar, and each parent to take flight with them!